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Wedding Day Tips

With 15 years experience in the Bridal industry I have accumulated a list of things that may help you prepare for your big day.

1) Timing, communicate well with what time you need to be ready by. This does not mean what time you are leaving to get to your ceremony, you must consider the following- What time is your photographer arriving? Most photographers like an hour for pre ceremony photos. I always aim to have everyone's hair & makeup completed before the photographer arrives. We can always do touch ups and final makeup and hair checks once the photographer has arrived if photos are required. How long does it take to get in to your dress? If you have buttons they take time to do up. I never do the brides hair and makeup last, maybe second last if absolutely necessary but with so many minor delays that can occur (phone calls, messages, flower deliveries, getting items ready for the photographer, etc) you don't want your makeup and hair experience rushed, if there are any delays I prefer to make up time on another member of the bridal party rather than the bride. Be ready when your makeup artist arrives- showered, teeth brushed, contacts in, hair should be wash the day/night before unless otherwise advised.

2) Waxing and facials should be done at least 7 days prior to the wedding. Waxing removes the top layer of the skin and makeup will usually not adhere to these areas.

3) Spray tans should be done 2 days prior to the wedding, this allows the colour to look natural and prevents rubbing on to your dress.

4) Have a lipstick for touch ups. You should reapply your lipstick after the ceremony (before photos) and after eating- at least, you can reapply as many more times as you wish! Make sure your bridal party (including Mum) also have lipsticks to touch up with, for hygiene reasons bridesmaids should all have their own lipstick. Also a compact translucent powder or blotting paper if your skin gets oily or during warmer climates.

5) Try and control breakouts by avoiding triggers such as excessive alcohol, foods high in processed sugar and late nights in lead up to the big day. Also avoid trying any new skin care within the month prior to the day in case of reaction. I recommend having a spot treatment on hand containing Salicylic acid in case of a stress break out, you can also take vitamin such as executive stress vitamin B for calming the adrenal glands below the chin.

6) Take care of your skin, from now onwards! you should be using a cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser every morning and night. If you wear makeup make sure your cleanser removes all traces of makeup (before going to bed) this prevents breakouts and blocked pores. Use an eye cream to hydrate the eye area (not your face moisturiser as this is too rich for the delicate skin around the eyes and can cause Millia) if the skin around your eyes is well hydrated then concealer will sit smoother and crease. Eye creams can also help with dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Moisturiser should suit your skin type- either lightweight and oil-free for combination/oil skin types or rich and hydrating for dry/dehydrated skin types (go in to a Mecca Brands store and get help if you don't know your skin type). Exfoliate once a week for all skin types plus a mask once a week- a hydrating mask for dry/dehydrated skin or a clay mask for oily skin. For more skin care product recommendations visit Mecca Brands

7) Straws- they keep your lippy on your lips and off the champagne flutes!

8) Plan food for you and your bridal party for while you are getting ready. Bite sized pieces of food that you can place in your mouth are best. This will help keep your makeup clean. You and your bridesmaids need to remember to eat to have energy during the ceremony and photos- its a long time till you get to eat at the reception and with so much going on during the getting ready preparations you tend to forget to eat.

9) While getting ready wear clothing that can be unbuttoned or dropped down and not taken off over the head. Wrap style dressing gowns are great.

10) Have music or a movie playing in the background for atmosphere, either calming or uplifting.

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